Iramiro Loan

IRAMIRO is a laon scheme from Umwalimu SACCO in partnership with the Ministry of Education and it is tailored to help schools to resolve cash flow issues,provide quick access to money at a low cost and insure financial stability to your teachers.



  • Helps schools to resolve cash flow issues especially salary payment during this period of COVID-19.

  • Quick access to money at a low cost.

  • Insure financial stability to our private teachers.


  • Both existing and new members can apply for this loan.

  • Maximum Loan Duration : 24 months and the payment is done on a quarterly basis.

  • Interest Rate : 13% per annum.

  • Payment starts from the end of September 2020.

  • Salary directly paid to the beneficiary teachers’ account in Umwalimu SACCO.

  • For further details. Please download the form below.

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