Umwalimu Sacco Mobile Banking

Further to its digital transformation agenda, UMWALIMU

SACCO has added Mobile Banking on its service menu.

The Cooperative’s members can now easily use their mobile

phone devices to send and receive money or even transfer

money electronically from one person to another using a mobile phone.

With the introduction of UMWALIMU SACCO Mobile Banking dubbedYour Phone. Your Account”, We connect the member’s mobile phone and his/her individual account. Mobile banking allows members to use their mobile phone as another channel for their banking services, such as:

  • Deposits – Via Mobile Money.
  • Withdrawals – Via Mobile Money.
  • Payments – Fund transfer (Internal & External).
  • Utility payments – Water, Electricity, MTN -Airtime.
  • Account inquiries – Balance & Mini statements.
  • Loans – Access Credit line & Credit status.
  • SMS Alert – On the member’s account.
More than 41,205 members have registered on this mobile banking platform and have access to all the above-mentioned services via USSD code *175# and follow the proceeding steps. The beauty of UMWALIMU SACCO mobile banking application is that it is additive in that it provides room for new product delivery channels to our members. Terms and conditions apply.